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SUGGESTED ITEMS TO BRING: The following is a list of suggested items that volunteers can bring for our differents projects. Ii is also open for people who want to make a donation to our programs. However we reccomend volunteers to not buy anything back home. If you want to donate something is better to buy it in Arusha, it will be cheaper and you will help small local businesses. Contact us for more information: info@kadogoohostel.com
HIV PROGRAM: - Vitamin pills - Rehabilitacion exercises and sports that can be useful for HIV people for exercise. - Also economic donations are useful (for food, medicines,...) and the volunteers will be visiting the families and giving them directly all the donations. - The small red sing of HIV that people use in their clothes as a sign of love. - Tools for measuring the weight and height.
TEACHING IN SCHOOLS & RURAL PROGRAM: - School material: pencils, pens, rubbers, sharpeners, books, notebooks, colours,... - Posters in different languages (about science, history, languages,...) and different grades, from nursery, primary and secondary. - School reading books in diffrent languages. (The most useful are always in english and french, but any language is welcome). - Used or new text & exercise books in different languages. (The most useful are always in english and french, but any language is welcome). - Sporting equipment (balls, skipping ropes, Frisbees).
ORPHANAGES & CHILD CARE: - Clothes, shoes, underwear, socks, pijamas of different sizes from babies to 13 years old. - Diapers/pull-ups (size: ages 3 and 5) - Single bed mattress covers that protect against wetting the bed. - Mosquito nets for single bunk beds. - Toothpaste, tooth brushes, soap. - Vaseline, bandages, rubbing alcohol, first aid cream. - Children´s vitamins. - Children movies, puzzles, Lego, building blocks, games, cars and dolls that are difficult to break. - Outdoor toys.
PRACTICE IN HOSPITALS/ MEDICAL + DENTAL/ HEALTH CARE: - Any medical material or medicines that the date of used has not expired. (You can bring or send material that is almost experied and the hospitals will give it priority for using, but is very important that the date is not expired once you it enter in Tanzania).
WOMAN SUPPORT PROGRAM: - Material for courses. Languages are the most usefu, but any course suggested can be consider.
ENVIROMENTAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: - Seeds for plating trees and vegetables. - Material for gardening.
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BUILDING: - For this program, if you want to make any donation, it is better to make it once you are in Tanzania, buying the neccesary materials directly. - If you want to make an economic donation from abroad is also possible. We will tell you what the project needs, and we will send you all the details and bills.