We offer a big variety of FREE volunteer programs, so you can choose the one which fits on you. Just let us know the one you choose from the list bellow
“Volunteering in Tanzania was the best experience ever in my life” Vanessa Richards (Winsconsin, USA)
Volunteering in Tanzania allows you work closely with local people, be inside a new and exotic culture, learn a new language and participate in humanitarian mission work and make a profitable contribution to your host community. Its a experience that we guarantee will change your life.  Our main goal is flexibility, so the volunteer is the one who choose their own project, the program dates and the length of stay. We do not required a minimum stay with us, and you can stay as long as you want. The common volunteer visa (CTA working permit) allows you to stay a maximum of 90 days and it cost 250$ You can take your volunteer visa easily in the airport, in the border or in Arusha town after you arrive. You don´t have to pay for volunteering , but there are some suggested items you can bring for our projects. Any hel is welcome. Click here to know about them.
VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: TEACHING IN SCHOOLS: You will support schools  teaching or working as a teacher assistant, in any subject  you can do, but experience in teaching is beneficial. You  will assist the teachers with the classes, mark home-works  and help them to enhance their lesson plans. Native  speakers of English, French or Spanish can help and  assist the teacher of these languages or even teach  independently. You can either make a difference for the  students by making posters in the classes, telling stories,  singing songs,... or whatever you can offer.Teaching skills  are beneficial, and English speaking is required because  lessons are taught in English. VOLUNTEER IN ORPHANAGES / CHILD CARE: You will assist the aunties and uncles in the  orphanage in the everyday work, like cooking meals, washing dishes, washing clothes and  taking care of the children. You will help the orphan children with the home-works, playing with  them, teaching new games, going on outside excursions, introducing various learning activities  and so on. No experience necessary, English speaking preferred and experience with children  will be beneficial.  PRACTICE IN HOSPITALS / MEDICAL + DENTAL / HEALTHCARE: You will be helping  doctors at the hospitals, as practice of your medical career. You will be assisting a doctor in any  field in which you have specialized. Most Tanzanians have teeth problems, and the problem  comes from the lack of dentist, so if you have dental training and you are thinking about volunteering it will be the best opportunity for you. Even if you are still a student you will gain knowledge  and experience. VILLAGE VISITING / RURAL PROGRAM: Rural program is  based most on English speaking and mathematics. In the village  they do not have English medium schools, this means that all  they learn is in Swahili, while they need English for the national  exams. So they depend upon volunteers to teach them English  speaking and writing and mathematics. And most schools lack  teachers. If you have ever thought about this, now is the right moment to do it. ENVIROMENTAL AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: In this project you will be connected  with schools and child care centers. The goal of this project is  make this centers selfsustainable, so we create vegetable  garders, small farms to keep animals sush as hen, chickens,  maybe cows or goats, planting trees, etc. so those centers  can have food for themselves and for selling in order to be  selfsustainable. Everybody is accepted in this project but if  you have studies or/and  experience and you want to put it in  practice, you will be more than welcome!!  COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BUILDING: This project  consist in helping to build school,  clinics, orphanages and  social community buildings. You will work as a building  assistant, but  any previous experience in this field it would be profitable. English and/or Swahili  speaking  preferred to be able to communicate with the workers
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ACCOMMODATION WHILE VOLUNTEERING: During Volunteering you can choose between two types of accommodation: ACCOMMODATION IN KADOGOO HOSTEL: If you choose this option, you will stay at Kadogoo Hostel, where you will meet diferent people from different countries with similar interests. ACCOMMODATION WITH HOST FAMILIES: You will live in local houses with local families around Arusha and experience the real african life. But you will also be connected with KADOGOO HOSTEL VOLUNTEERING PROGRAMS in every moment.
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